"MOM!" I yelled into our house that was too large for for three people. Mom, me, and my brother J.D., or more commonly referred to as The Beast, because he is the most sweaty and disgusting boy-man you will ever meet.
   "YEAH?" my mother replied with equal volume.
   "Pardee's gonna hang out here for a while, k?" I took off my my jacket and threw it on the wooden table in the front hall, Pardee kicked off his shoes. 
   "Yeah just make sure that you-," my mother's young looking face was frozen in time. Her big blue eyes were frozen and open as wide as they could go with shock. Her jaw was basically on the floor and her brunette hair had flopped onto her face. She had been wiping her hands on a dish towel and now they were frozen in time doing that action.
   "Yes?" I prompted her to go on.
   "I-, wha-, HUH?!" she was staring at Pardee like she had never seen him before.
   "When did he get cute? Like cute cute, not geeky little kid cute, but that," she pointed  finger nail with chipped polish on it at him,"kinda cute?!" she looked at me as though the world had gone mad.
   "Uh, thanks Ms. Powell," Pardee's face was burning up.
   "Way to embarrass me mom," I sarcastically applauded her.
   "Well it's just, he wasn't supposed to get cute! He was supposed to be your geeky best friend!" my mother stammered out. 
   "Well I guess now he's my hott best friend, call us when dinner is ready," we dashed for the stairs. We got to my perfectly me room. My room was painted a calm blue, not too dark or gray. Like a tourqiusy sea but  a wee bit less vibrant. I had candles every where. My desk was pushed in the corner cluttered with my photos; my desk was on the other side of my bed even though the only clothes in it were specifically for old relatives that still thought I was six. My bed was in between the dresser and my window seat, with the bookshelf on the wall by the seat. I flopped onto my bed with the sky blue comforter and mismatched sheets. My room was perfect. Just like I had wanted it to be.
   "So you admit it," Pardee's voice invaded my head.
   "What?" I looked at him across the bed. 
   "You think I'm hott," he grinned and started to throw a pillow in the air. 
   "No I don't, I was just trying to get mom to shut up," I weakly defended myself.
   "You think I'm hott," he sang.
   "Whatever," I got up and sat on the window seat.
   "You smell," he threw the pillow at me. 
   "I'm gonna take a shower," I slipped off one of the tank tops I was wearing, and threw it at his face.
    "Oh gross!!!!" he yelled and jumped off my bed. He ran over, grabbed me and rubbed his arm pit in my face.
    "Eww! Sick!" I swatted at his arm, while cracking up,"Seriously, I'm taking a shower," he let me go and I went into the bathroom. I turned on the water and hopped in when it was a coolish warmth. My shampoo smelled especially delicious as I washed the grime off my body.
    I got out and ran a brush and hair stuff through my hair. I stepped out with a towel around my body to grab some clothes.
    "Try on this," Pardee threw something at my face.
    "What is this- no!" I looked horror-stricken at the dress in my hands.

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 I looked at the photo I had just taken. The boy had a calm but sure determination spreading through his eyes; his fullish lips were slightly parted and pursed with concentration. He looked peaceful in his own little meditational world. For that one second he was a piece of heaven frozen in place, my heart swelled at the thought that I witnessed this moment. 
 I remembered the text I received. I c u, the text read. I looked up only to find the red-headed boy and an old couple at the park. I looked down to see who sent it, but the number was unknown. Who is this? I replied.
 "Maggie?" my name rang out into the night. I looked up to see the boy I photographed looking at me. 
 "Yeah?" I called back tentatively. 
 "It's me! Pardee!" the boy stood up and held out his arms like he was expecting a hug.
 "Nuh-uh!" I yelled back, already running toward him.
 "Yup!" he "umfed" when I ran into his arms. We stood there holding each other, happily soaking up every moment. His chin rested on my head, which was resting on his muscular chest like it was meant for this purpose. When Pardee had left for Europe, he had been a geeky little carrot top, with no body fat or muscle. Now after tanning in Greece, he was a beach god. My best friend was a beach god. After we let go of each other I could smell his sweet, manly, smell. My heart slid back to it's normal spot. He was here, and nothing could hurt me.
 "Sorry," I apologized after we had sat down. I was sweaty and probably didn't smell all that great.  
 "Naw, you're fine," he smiled at me, and I lost my breath for a second, I fanned my red face.
 "What'd I miss?" he studied my face when he said that.
 "Not much. Mom got a new job, no surprise there, we got a kitten, she's adorable, but she will kick your butt if you touch her when she eats. Um, it's been insanely boring without you here to keep me from going crazy," I looked up at him. He smiled, sadly though, as though he was thinking about an old memory that he wanted to experience again.
 "What about Kevyn?" he looked at me and his eyes hardened. I looked away.
 "We are still together," Pardee had hated it when I said yes to Kevyn. To him he was just another air-head jock, who was after new meat. True he wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed, but he was really sweet. He knew just how to make me happy. Sure he didn't talk about much other than sports, but he knew what he liked, and what he wanted. Pardee thought he wanted change and  he was hung up on the thought that all he wanted was attention. He hated him, but I had liked him for two years, and it had finally paid off. 
 "You don't deserve him. He's a jerk, and he's using you, and he's just going to leave you to go back to his old girlfriend," his voice was tight, and so were his eyes, I looked at my swinging feet.
 "Well maybe I don't deserve him, but I don't see anyone else on board the Maggie train. No one's looking for a brainy, curly haired brunette, with highlights who likes to take pictures. What if I actually like him? What if I am happy for this once?" I looked at him and this time he looked away.
 "Well then good for you," his voice dripped with sarcasm, "At least you get to be oblivious to anything but your own little world. When he drops you, don't say I didn't warn you. I will still be here waiting for you to come and cry like every other girl he's done this to. Good luck, and I hope you didn't fall too hard," he picked up his stuff and turned to leave.
 "Pardee wait, you didn't tell me how your summer was," he turned towards me, leaned in and whispered,
 "Great," then went on his way.
 "Pardee!" I chased after him, "Pardee! If you don't turn around, by God I swear I will tackle you onto the ground and you will talk to me if I have to straddle you or not!" he kept on walking. Being myself, and as myself I keep my word, I ran full force at the figure in front of me jumping and throwing both of us to the ground. He let out a yelp as I rammed him to the ground.
 "You played dirty!" he gasped.
 "I gave you warning! Besides you totally deserved it," I started to giggle, because he was covered in dirt and grass stains. He started to laugh too. I rolled over and straddled him. He put his knees up for a backrest.
 "So how was your summer?" I looked at him, and he had laughter still written in the background of his voice. 
 "Terribly boring. The sights were pretty, and so were the chicks, but honestly it was boring. So I got a tan, got some muscle, and now I am Mr. Hottie," he grinned at me.
 "Oh that's not self-centered at all," I looked down at him.
 "Because you so didn't check me out when I walked over here," he teasingly accused me.
 "Only because I momentarily lost my mind."
 "No it was because momentarily you were transfixed by my great looks," I whacked his chest.
 "Nuh-uh!" I grinned.
 "Yeah, yeah, say whatever you want, but I don't believe you..." he rolled me off of him, and helped me up. 
 "Whatever! I'm gonna grab my camera then you are walking me home!" I turned to grab the camera, but his hand was on my wrist. I turned and looked at him.
 "Camera?" I reminded him.
 "I have it here," he held out his hand and it was there.
 "Uh, thanks?" his hand lingered on mine before letting it go.
 "You're welcome! Shall we?" he held out his arm waiting for me to link mine with his.
 "But of course!" and off we went onto the scenic trail through the woods, towards home.

~~~~~Wanna's Word~~~~~
 Hey ya'll! Have an awesome summer! I know I will! Pardee is named after the painter Alex Pardee, he is like scary amazing! Check out his stuff!! I will try to post another one as soon as I can, but I don't know when that will be. Sorry! Try to survive without my stories! Love ya!
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 I sat there. Just sat. Waiting for him to come out of the shadows like I knew he would. Waiting and watching. Watching the mist curl up and disappear into the night; what I wish I could've done. Waiting, watching, and panicking. Panicking because he'd left me. Just like my Dad, just like Kevyn, and now him. Not again, the cool breeze danced upon my skin as I willed myself not to cry. "Not again," I whispered into the night. 
 Then he was there. The boy I had known my entire life, teasing me, messing with me, every little thing he had done he'd done was etched on his face. His eyes apologized for everything, searching mine for a sign of forgiveness. I longed to go over and wrap my arms around his neck, to find his lips with my own. To find that feeling like no other. 
 Instead I stood there dumbfounded. He looked at me with unsure eyes. I wanted to go over and run my fingers through his long, shaggy, reddish-brown hair; but I could barely look into his forever hazel eyes.
 "Hey," I whispered, barely audible above the trickling water in the pond.
 "Hey," he said, stepping out from behind the willow tree, fully bathed in the glow from the full moon. His white v-neck t-shirt clung to him in all the right places. His tanned, toned arms rippled, and it made him even harder to look at.
 "I'm sorry I'm late..." he trailed off, letting the real meaning behind that set in. 
 "Its ok," I turned and found him right behind me, looking at me, trying to solve the puzzle behind my mask.
 "What?" I asked, suddenly aware of everything happening. Distant dog barks, the creaks of branches playing in the soft breeze, ducks scolding us for being here, and him. His gaze, his mouth, his body, his presence. 
 Just him. There. With me. Because he wanted me. He loved me, and he'd been waiting for me to decide how I felt back. He'd been waiting since 6th grade, and I had finally made my decision, finally.

 Lasting Impressions
The kiss upon my cheek
That smile burned into my mind
Your voice whispering on the phone in the dead of night
The kisses left on my lips
Hours after they took place
These are my favorite memories
The way you look at me
And the world just fades away
The breath whooshes out of me
And my heart just skips a beat
I love that simple way you kiss my cheek
And these are the lasting impressions

  The cool, summer air burned my throat as I ran. I was going past my favorite spot when I stopped. The gazebo was empty, but you could tell by the flickering, candle-lit, lantern that it had seen it's fair share of romance. I pulled my digital camera out of my navy-blue basketball shorts. I kneeled onto the dew covered grass to take a picture of the wondrous scene. The trees were silhouetted by the moonshine through the mist; the mist rolled over the pond, where a swan was gracefully gliding over the water, sending ripples infinitely into each direction. The flickering light was sending shadows dancing wildly onto the ground around the gazebo, almost like a halo too alive to keep still around a peaceful, old, wise, mystery.
 I pressed a button, and a piece of the world was frozen in time, to be forever remembered, a piece of a puzzle, a puzzle no one had figured out, but to which I had the pieces.
 I was there, kneeling, in the same spot , in the growing darkness, and watched as a muscular form emerged from the woods. He walked towards the gazebo peacefully; he seemed to walk with a quiet purpose, like he knew what he was doing, but no one knew about it. I loved how easily he could add his own element to the picture, without disturbing what was already there. He made it better. I coudn't resist not taking a picture or two. He walked then studied the gazebo, as though figuring out the story behind it. He sat down an started to write. He wrote, and wrote. Each of those seconds was frozen in time along with the original scene. I got a text, but ignored as i shot one last amazing picture. 

~~~~~~ Wanna's Word~~~~~
Hahaha I just made that^ up. Ha ha, that's awesome. Anyways, I will write more soon, like tomorrow. I promise! Thanks for reading! Love ya! -Wanna :)
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Hey! It's your favorite author ever! Um, well i kinda gave up on Moments of Truths Between Lies.... Sorry, but it was getting a little boring and I ran out of ideas. If you were like super into that story then there still might be hope, I might come back to it, but until then I have started a new story thathas all my friends drooling at my feet for more. I have no idea what it is tobe called, so I may need help with that. Right now I think the name Hungry might work, but I don't know. As of now it is still Untitled. But each chapter will be started off witha poem and they are going to have been written by me, and you're gonna love it! Just kidding, but I hope you do. So enjoy my story! :)
"OMG!" Ally screamed in my ear as soon as I shut the door.
"So are you two like going out?" Lexi asked.
"No why do you ask?" I asked, turning red. 
"Well your faces were like glued together in the hallway," Ally said nudging me.
"SHUT UP!" I whisper-yelled to her.
"Oh whatever, you know you liked it," Lexi retorted with a smile.
"I- well-uh- grr!" I stammered.
"Haha," they laughed. I stomped up to my room, to get ready for PPSI, Pick Pocketing and Switching Information, there was a test with a surprise reward that only me and my friends knew about.
"I don't know what we are, or even if we are something, but its his choice," i said as i walked slowly up the stairs.
"Well you're obviously taken so no one will ask you out anytime soon, and girls know he's yours," Ally said excitedly.
"Ok, seriously, lets go to class, 'cause Mr. Anderson is headed this way to talk to us," we stepped up to the door and walked in just before the clock went a second beyond 5:15.

~~~~~~ Wanna's Word~~~~~~
**** Hey!! Sorry it's been so long since I posted! I know it wasn't that good, but I'll post more ASAP! Thanks for reading! Oh and btw i'm working on another story. 
Thanks! Wanna! :)*****
"Bye Ms. Clooney," I stepped out of the room, right into Jared's arms. 
"Hey," he whispered in our bubble of oblivity.
"Hi," I whispered back, staring into his deep, wonderful, green eyes.
"How 'bout a ride back?" he looked at me hopefully.
"What are you? My soon-to-be stalker?" I pushed him gently away giggling.
"Maybe," he said mischievously.
"Awesome..." I started down the hall towards my locker hiding my red face, and the relief that I didn't have to  walk home.
 "We should probably go if your gates close at 4:45," I turned to stare open mouthed at him. He had been listening! How much had he heard? I mean it's not like I said anything to make anything obvious... right?
"You listened?!"
"A little," he shrugged.
"Oh well thanks!" I yanked my bag out of my locker and slammed it furiously. I started to walk away angrily stuffing thinks into my bag.
"Whoa, whoa, am I still giving you a ride?" I stopped.
"I'm still trying to decide!" 
"Well then let me help you," he grabbed me and kissed me again, my head lost it's train of thought, and when we pulled apart, I felt delirious. 
"You can't do that!" I almost fell, but he caught me.
"Do what?"
"That brain-washing thing!" my words were becoming slurred, and I was getting really happy for some strange reason. I leaned in wanting more, but then stopped myself. His face fell.
"Fine you can drive me home, but no jokes or comments once we get there, or I will kick your ass."
We walked to the car side by side giddy from the last kiss. He opened the door for me like a true gentlemen.
"Turn here," I said as we pulled onto our street. "It's gonna be a while," I hastily added.
We drove. And drove. And drove, all the way down until the gates loomed in front of us.
 "Turn into the drive, the code is, uh.." I wracked my brain for the right one, "3345," it popped into my head. You see the gate has all these codes. 3345 means guest with resident, so it would hide all the equipment in the yard, and it was currently transforming the entire bottom floor. Jared didn't know this, he also didn't know that there were about 30 to 40 cameras memorizing his face, and the fact that if he made any wrong move there could be 100 lasers and guns trained on him. He drove down the long drive in silence. Finally we reached the doors. 
"Thanks," I said not knowing what else to say. He leaned in an kissed me again....
"You're welcome," he whispered in me ear. I stepped out of the car and walked up the steps hoping my friends wouldn't be right behind the door. But of course I was wrong.

Hey yeah so she  and Jared are on a random track...keep reading to see how it goes. And yes oblivity is a word, look it up.-------> http://www.unwords.com/unword/oblivity.html and yes the sight is called unwords "changing the English language one word at a time" haha, it makes me laugh. Please comment! Tell me what you think, or what you think I should do, or give me "constructive criticism" haha it might make me mad, but I'll take it! COMMENT!!!!!! Thanks for reading and keep on to find out what happens next! :)
 I walked into Ms. Clooney's class and she gave me a look of annoyance. I am often late to her class, but the best art is she does nothing about it but get upset and threaten you with a detention. Yeah, a big, bad, scary detention. I sat down in my spot in front of Johnny and simply said "New kid." She narrowed her eyes at me, fire burning with almost hatred.
"Hey," Johnny whispered immediately putting a shadow on my happiness.
"What?" I turned around my voice obvious with annoyance.
"You look happy, I was just wondering what happened..." he asked without hearing the annoyance.
"Why don't you just mind you're own business," I hissed. He looked frightened.
"Uh ok...'" gosh he is so annoying. He is not cute in any way, shape, or form. He doesn't know when to stop, even though you drop the most obvious hints. He has butt-crack parted hair that splits and curls in opposite directions. He wears sweater vests and penny loafers on his good days. I know, eew.
"Ms. Sikes, can you please see me after school? Thank you," the squat woman turned her pointed nose back to the board.
"Hi I'm Jared Moore, I just moved here from Nebraska," he looked at me and winked. My stomach fluttered. Johnny tapped me on the shoulder and I stupidly turned around.
"What?" I was refraining from slapping him.
"Did he just wink at you?" 
"Why do you care?" I turned around with a huff.
The rest of  the day flew by all too quickly. I stepped into Ms. Clooney's room with a feeling of dread.
"Ah Ms. Sikes, please come in," she stood up.
"Can we hurry, the gates to my home close at 4:45," I stood there bracing myself for her wrath.
"What s going on between you and Johnny and Jared?" she looked at me over her small framed reading glasses.
"What do you mean?" major confusion was beginning to set in.
"Well Johnny is totally and completely head over heels for you, and don't think I missed that wink Jared gave you earlier," she looked at me with knowing eyes, and suddenly I realized she was kinda pretty.
"EW! Johnny?! Gross!"
"What about Jared?" 
"He is...unexplainable," I looked at her blushing to my roots.
"Well, why don't you come back tomorrow, and we'll talk," she said leaving no room for conversation.
"Bye Ms. Clooney," I stepped out of the room right into Jared's arms.

Hey yeah there is more to come but i am tired so haha! sucks for you! jk I will post more and you will become addicted!haha you love me! PLEASE PLEASE comment!!!!! Keep reading and I'll keep posting.